Meeting #4

A Curious Gang of Roving Persons

Host: Bridget Quinn

Assigned reading: Hyperart: Thomasson by Akasegawa Genpei

Hyperart: Thomasson was a nice follow up after the Situationist International Manifesto and Invisible Cities. It has a similar playfulness and the engages the idea of imagined histories/ narratives embedded in landscape. Stylistically I was drawn to it because its so conversational and not very academic. Spencer mentioned that the style of the writing was wanderesque, which seemed fitting. Everyone observed that as the book progressed the strict definition of a Thomasson seemed to loosen up (along with the tone of the writing). This meeting was structured as a guided wander… I had a couple stops in mind, and we hit up the derelict flower shop on a whim.

The Pannel Place Marginal Nature Preserve – Accidental preservation

Exploring the marginal nature in a space where strangely situated fences create small sanctuaries

Exploring marginal nature in a space where strangely situated fences create small sanctuaries. A sampling of found objects: a weathered marble, a metal hinge & a piece of unknown machine, tile, carpet which was transformed into a host for moss and algae, and a couple rugs.

The Ramp to Nowhere

I have long been fascinated by stairways that lead up to buildings that no longer exist.



The Derelict Flower Shop

The Purest Thomasson observed on our Walk


Decommissioned door, at CJ’s Shell station

Other Stuff

Thomasson stamp

Chris Gannon found this gem of a Thomasson stamp after the meeting. Isn’t this a lovely one?

NEW MEMBERS: Rachel Crist and Daedalus Hoffman – Thanks so much for joining us!

The next meeting will be hosted by Spencer Cook & Ann Armstrong. Details on the assignment to come shortly!




Meeting #3

An evening spent in a slowly darkening garage

Host: Johnny Walker

Readings discussed: Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino & Towards a Situationist International by Guy Debord


Image credit: Johnny Walker

A sampling of the things we talked about:

Clouds    Convergence                                                                 Ants

Cell phones                                              The ephemeral


                                                                               Experimental cartography
Money                               Bees

                                                                         Guy Debords lack of suggested solutions