Open Scool was established in Austin, Texas in 2013 to bring together a group of creative humans to:

  • Share ideas
  • Read
  • Wander
  • Go to shows
  • Drink Beer
  • Critique
  • Debate
  • Make stuff
  • Deconstruct stuff
  • Support our own growth, and the growth of eachother
  • other stuff

So far; our members are artists, designers, architects, writers, curators, teachers, students and entrepreneurs. Open Scool has a loose structure similar to a book club. We meet every two weeks to discuss a predetermined reading. Each meeting is hosted by a different member, who determines the site and any supplemental activities. Meetings are generally 3 hours long and occur on Sundays.

We are always looking for new members with new skills, shoot us a message if you want to join up!

quinn.frances (at) gmail.com


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